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Krishna Beads Industry is an award-winning fashion and lifestyle accessories manufacturing & export hub. With its headquarters in Mumbai, India the company holds over 50 years of experience in the industry and has carved a niche for itself over the years.

Exporting to 50 Countries

Trusted by 50 Global Brands

Team of over 100 Experts

ISO 9001 Certified Company

An ISO 9001:2008 certified enterprise, we have been privileged to work with the finest fashion houses globally. With current exports to over 50 countries, we truly understand the pulse of the global consumers and trends set by our customers.

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As much as India is known with pride for its richness in culture and traditions, it is no more a nation with a laid-back attitude to life as known Yester years. Today’s new generation Indianof  is proactive, collaborative, trustworthy, and is eager to put itself on the global map as a manufacturing hub. It has now become a trusted name globally and shall continue to hold its qualities with passion and conviction.

It all starts with you providing us with a blueprint of your clothing idea. It details out everything related from fabric & design construction to packaging of finished garments. After finalisation of tech packs, we make a prototype of your clothing design which confirms mainly the fitting, stitching quality and design.

If the sample received by you is perfect, then we proceed further. The lead time usually is around 30 – 45 days depending upon the design complexity of the order. Your clothing products are exported in a water resistant sealed packaging.

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